A few of my favorite DVDs that remind me of places I have traveled to…

I love watching a show or movie and it shows places I recognize.  “Hey, that’s the Eiffel Tower!  I’ve hiked up that thing and back down before.”  Or “OMG, the Colosseum!  I’ve been there!”  Seeing places I’ve been before is almost as exciting as talking about places I’ve been.  And, of course once I see those places and have to start telling whoever is around about my experience at that place.  Needless to say, none of my family will watch TV with me any more!

My favorite TV show right now is MI-5.  It is a fictitious show about MI-5, the UK’s domestic intelligence organization and it’s missions.  And to boot, it has Richard Armitage in it…sigh!  I would like to use some of the MI-5 kidnapping tricks on him!  It shows some of Parliament, St. James Park, Piccadilly Circus,  Westminster, Freemason’s Hall, Tower Bridge, St. Pancras Station, Her Majesty’s Theatre London and pretty much everything else since it has been in production from 2002 to 2011 and has 86 episodes. Did I mention Richard Armitage is in Season 8-10??  Interested?  Check out more here MI-5: Vol. 8

For English countryside which is absolutely breathtaking and no movie or picture can do the countryside justice, I love to watch Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, Daniel Deronda, Downton Abbey, the Harry Potter series just to name a few.  Also, if you want a good feel for English life pretty much any BBC series is a wonderful place to start.

Sense & Sensibility – Jane Austen BBCwas filmed Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Devon.  Buckinghamshire is one of my favorite counties in England.

Pride & Prejudice: Keepsake Edition was shot in Cheshire, Hertfordshire,Whitshire, Oxford, and others.

Jane Eyrewas filmed Derbyshire, Oxfordshire.

Masterpiece Classic: Great Expectationswas filmed in Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, and Bedfordshire.

Daniel Derondawas filmed in many locations throughout Britian: Somerset, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, London, Winchester, Middlesex, Oxford, Edinburgh, and Hertfordshire.

Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey, Season 1Oh how I love this series! It is filmed in the beautiful Highclere castle.  If you haven’t started watching this show, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON??

Harry Potter: The Complete 8-Film Collection was shot in Buckinghamshire, Durham, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, London, Merseyside, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Oxfordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Wiltshire.

For more of the London city sights my favorites are…

North and South (BBC)which is at the present time my absolute favorite movie!  Guess who’s in it?  Yep, you got that right, Richard Armitage!  It is set in fictitious Milton and Edinburgh is used as the filming location.

Rome, oh how I love Rome!  So, of course I love films that have parts of Rome in it.  Rome is a subject I never tire of talking about, ever 🙂

Angels & Demons: A Novel (Robert Langdon) is one of my most favorite books (I tolerate the movie Angels & Demons to see the sites).  Others include, Three Coins In the Fountain, an oldie but goodie that hits on the sites of Rome and a little bit of Venice, La dolce vita [Blu-ray], Eat Pray Love,  Roman Holiday (1953), To Rome With LoveGladiator [Blu-ray]The Talented Mr. RipleyRome: The Complete SeriesMamma Roma (The Criterion Collection) just to name a few.  There are so many more.

My Favorite Paris Movies Are…

Midnight in Paris
Les Miserables (2012)
Sabrina (1995) Sabrina (1954)
Amelie (English Subtitled)
The Da Vinci Code [HD]
Moulin Rouge! (Widescreen Edition)
Before Sunset
Funny Face
Paris, je t’aime [Blu-ray]

I am sure I have missed some of the greats.  What’s missing from my list?