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This is a continuation of my Travel Tips series.  You can find Travel Tips I and Travel Tips II by clicking on the links.  And don’t forget to follow me and my blog.

Tip #9 Take products that can be used for multiple purposes

Take products that you can use for different things.

  • Shampoo can be used as a laundry detergent.  Shampoo can also be used as a body wash.
  • Shave with hair conditioner.
  • Vaseline can be used for chap stick as well as eye makeup remover.
  • Band-aids make great tape if you are in desperate need.
  • Dryer sheets in your suitcase keep you clothes fresh.  They also can remove deodarant stains by rubbing the stain with one.
  • A scarf!  A scarf can serve many purposes: A pillow, a clothing accessory, a head wrap, a shaw, a skirt, a blanket, …
  • Moist towelettes!  Need I say more?  They can be used for pretty much anything!

I am sure that there are many, many more.  What are some things that you use for double duty?

Tip #10 Label your bottleswpid-20140415_174157.jpg

I do not go out and buy the products that I regularly use in travel-size bottles.  I use bottles that I have saved and put my regular-sized products into these travel-sized bottles.  Then I break out my label-maker (I love, love, love my label maker!) and make a label for the travel-sized bottle that way I know what that “white stuff” is in my Hampton Inn shampoo bottle because I know it’s not the Hampton Inn shampoo!  Check out the picture above.  The green strip on the bottle is my label.

Tip #5 Shower Cap Your Shoes         20140415_173207

I just noticed in my last post that I did not put up Tip #5!  So, here it is!

“Shower Cap” your shoes.  I am a “slight” germaphobe, so the thought of putting my shoes that I have worn all day into my suitcase with my clean clothes gives me the “willies”!  What I do is shake some baby powder in the shower cap then put my shoes in and sprinkle some baby powder in the soles of the shoes (Gotta keep the smell down!).


This always happens to me when I am abroad; I forget batteries or I don’t pack enough!  I try to only use things that take rechargeable batteries, but sometimes it’s just easier to grab some alkaline and go.  20140512_103732


Raise your hand if you have ever had your luggage lost by the airlines and you have been left without fresh clothes for a few days.  It is one of the worst feelings ever!  I always pack a change of clothing that includes shirt, pants, underwear, toothbrush, hairbrush, and makeup.  Even if my luggage is not lost it is always good to have a change of clothes so you can freshen up while waiting on luggage to begin your travels.



I always like to know everything I possibly can before I go somewhere, so I will do research and take notes before hand.  I will check out guidebooks that have been written on destinations to get a better idea of what to expect.  I love Rick Steves Europe Through the Back Door 2015: The Travel Skills Handbook
He has them on just about every destination possible and gives lots of insightful information.

I hope this sheds some light on packing and gives you some good tips for a better trip!

Safe Travels,