DC Travel Show Here I Come!


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My love of travel is more like an addiction than a hobby.  When someone says trip, I jump!  Planning trips makes me giddy!  I read Travel and Leisure from front to back the minute I get it out of the mailbox.  First date I always as ask a guy what his thoughts are on travel and if they don’t align with mine then I let them buy me dinner and then…adios, arrivederci, au revoir.  I give my students assignments that involve planning their dream vacation.  My classroom looks like a travel agency instead of a technology classroom.

So, given my love of travel when I heard about the Travel Show happening in Washington, DC March 7th & 8th I knew I had to be there.  There are going to be so many great travel professionals speaking on all matters of travel:  Rick Steves, Pauline Frommer, Samantha Brown, Josh Gates, Patricia Schultz and others.  I hope I get to meet all of them and pick their brains about travel.  And then there are all of the vendors that will be there!  Oh My Goodness the trips that they will be offering will be amazing!  So many trips, so many choices, so little money!

DC is a great town full of things to do and see, most of which I do when I take students to a business conference once a year.  Since there are no students going this time I plan on doing “not-so-touristy” things and eating at some really good (expensive places).  I’ll fill you in on the details when I return.

I usually stay outside of DC in Reston, Virginia but this time I opted to stay in downtown DC.  I went with the Victoria-style inn, The Morrison-Clark that I found so quaint and peaceful and unexpected for downtown.  It is going to be so great to stay downtown and not have to be shuttled in and out with public transit.

Alright I am off to finish packing.  I will give you full story and let you know which trip(s) I booked while there.